Efficient cooling techniques for industry


Integrate SA is a Belgian bureau of engineers. We develop and manufacture customised cooling installations and cooling techniques for the industry. More specifically for the industries involved in industrial cooling, refrigerated transport, cold storage and general climate control for the tertiary sector.

Integrate SA came into existence in 2015 in Limburg, from a search for an efficient use of electric heat pump elements in cooling cycles. We aim to drive the Peltier semiconductor elements in a heat pump operation as efficiently as possible. The climate control concept that we use as a basis, was developed by Professor Dr MSc Jacques De Ruyck. The implementation of this concept has resulted in our first demo installation and cooling cell with an average COP of 3.5.

Integrate SA is working on the efficiency of cooling elements from four areas:

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Our mission & vision

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Would you, as a company or organisation, like to know more about the services offered by Integrate SA? Then be sure to contact us. Send an email to, call +32-485.40.97.85.